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HR advice

HR Advice | 10 Dec. 2020
2020: Top 5 articles from our HR Blog

In 2020, the Editorial Team at Central Test worked on creating blog posts with knowledge, advice and recommendations to assist HR professionals and employees to overcome this year's challenges, and successfully adapt to what is going to be “the new normal” to come.

Employee Well-being | 15 Oct. 2020
How to facilitate personal development for employee motivation and well-being

According to the most recent Gallup’s State of the Global Workplace, 85% percent of employees are not engaged in the workplace. This means that the majority of the workforce around the world does not have a positive outlook towards their job and organisation and they are not performing at the optimum level of their skills and experience. Adding to that, research after research has shown that motivated employees outperform their unengaged peers that are not engaged.

Management & Leadership | 06 May. 2020
3 tips for managing your teams in times of crisis

Faced with the effects of the current pandemic, most companies have had to change the way they work, including by adopting teleworking. To take up this unprecedented challenge, managers must find new ways to communicate with their teams, keeping staff motivated while also reassuring them about the possible impacts on the company.

HR Advice | 01 Apr. 2020
Our behavioural responses to Covid_19

This article brings a different viewpoint about our behavioural responses to Covid_19 and invite you to think together about the different stages of awareness.