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The podcast that will revolutionise your career!

Self-confidence, learning agility, creativity, stress management, critical thinking... these intangible skills shape our interactions and make us successful in the workplace.

Every 15 days, join Noémie Nicolas and her guests on this adventure where each episode reveals the secrets of soft skills through inspiring testimonials and practical advice on the skills of the future. .


Pilot Episode At the heart of soft-skills

Each episode of 'Puls’RH: at the heart of soft-skills' is designed to help you improve your interpersonal skills, inspire and motivate your teams and fine-tune your talent management strategies.

In this introductory episode, we unravel the mystery of soft-skills, understanding how they have become essential in our professional and personal environments. While technology is advancing through artificial intelligence and automation, it is often the human aspect that makes all the difference.


Ambroise Bourguinat
Storytelling expert, actor, certified coach


Episode #1 From intention to action: the power of self-discipline

Have you ever thought about what lies behind the achievement of your most ambitious goals? What makes it possible to develop all your other skills effectively?

In this first episode, we delve into the heart of one of the most fundamental soft skills: self-discipline. In a world of constant distractions and instant gratification, cultivating solid self-discipline can seem difficult. Discover all the tips and advice from our guest expert on how to strengthen this great skill.


Chloé Sady
Founder Boost my Talents, Career coaching


Episode #2 Adaptability or the art of learning to dance in the rain

In an ever-changing world, knowing how to adapt is more than a skill - it's a necessity.

In this 2nd episode, Loïc Douyere, with his unique background as a sailor turned headhunter, embodies the spirit of adaptability. His varied background, which combines experience in the French Navy with an exceptional career in recruitment, is a perfect illustration of how adaptability is less an isolated skill than a life philosophy.


Loïc Douyère
Associate Director, Florian Mantione Institut


Episode #3 Thinking outside the box: How to cultivate your creativity?

Are you looking to unlock your creative potential, innovate in your field, or simply add a touch of originality to your day-to-day professional life?

In this 3rd episode of our podcast, Ambroise Bourguinat, actor, coach and trainer, shares his captivating stories, ways of thinking and original strategies to help you unlock and amplify your creative potential.For him, creativity is not just about producing something new, but a transformative way of thinking that redefines the boundaries of what is possible.


Ambroise Bourguinat
Storytelling expert, actor, certified coach


Episode #4 Understanding stress: when well-being breathes the scent of serenity

Stress, the silent companion of our modern lives, can be a driving force or a brake, a source of motivation or an obstacle to our well-being.

But how can we find the right balance? How can we turn stress into an ally? Today, we're going to explore some out-of-the-ordinary stress management strategies and discover how we can learn to navigate our lives with a little more serenity.


Floriane Gilles
Founder of "Être soi", Trainer and certified Olfactocoach PRO


Episode #5 Learning, unlearning, relearning: the three pillars of learning agility

Have you ever felt the need to rethink the way you learn? Or perhaps you've experienced a time when your knowledge suddenly seemed obsolete or insufficient?

In this 5th episode, we explore how the cycle of learning, unlearning and relearning can enrich not only our professional lives but also our personal lives. Our guest, Dovi Burlandy, reveals how she uses this learning process to help her clients clarify their professional vision and rediscover their true passions.


Dovi Burlandy
Oson founder, trainer and creator of the ‘Explore your powers’ game


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