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4 Ways AI Is Improving HR Recruitment Process

eye 513 Published on 11 Jul. 2019
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Artificial intelligence (AI) has already made its presence felt across a multitude of industries. AI has only made business smarter with more informed decision making and proactive processes. Like other industry verticals and processes, Human Resource and recruitment processes in enterprises are also benefiting through the use of artificial intelligence.

AI is adding value to the recruitment process in more than one way. From delivering intelligent recruitment applications to utilising recruitment data through intelligent data-driven tools, AI has made recruiting the right talents easier for the human resource professionals of any organisation.

As per the report of Undercover Recruiter, artificial intelligence (AI) technology is likely to replace as much as 16% jobs in HR departments across organisations within the next decade or so. But don't panic as an HR professional. Instead of taking your job, AI will actually create more space and give you more time to concentrate on other things.

Let us have a look at some of the key ways AI is transforming the HR recruitment process.

Automating Volumes of Daily Tasks

One of the most immediate outcomes of integrating AI-based tools and applications in the HR process is doing away with repetitive tasks. Thanks to AI, volumes of daily tasks can be taken care of without manual involvement. This will boost the efficiency of the HR processes, including recruitment and talent acquisition.

For example, the high volume task if screening resumes that consumes a tiger's share of time can now be handled by the AI-based automation tool. Moreover, interview scheduling can also be handled by such intelligent tools to save a lot of time while performing the task without human errors and delay. This, in the overall measure, will make the entire recruitment process much faster and a lot efficient. Thanks to such automation of tasks, the mobile app development company actually can concentrate on acquiring experts with key skills.

These days, HR processes are expected to do a lot more with a small team if equipped professionals. This is exactly why AI-driven tools so nicely fit their requirements. In fact, most talent acquisition leaders are of the opinion that AI helps them recruiting more people across different processes while keeping the HR team size the same. This is why AI ensures a "do more with less" approach and ensures optimum output without losing potential talents.

The above-mentioned approach is really great if you can integrate AI tools for automation of various day to day tasks. While doing more with less will always help to bring down the recruitment cost for a company, careerist developers will also find new ways to excel just because AI tools are taking care of all the repetitive testing tasks.

In this respect, the HR manager must look for AI solutions that besides automating a wide array of tasks can also easily integrate your existent recruiting stack and workflow. Automation also helps fast pacing the time to hire an employee before he or she can switch to other brands.

Easy and Faster Resume Screening

Many types of research and studies pointed out that screening the candidates takes a lot of time of the recruitment professional. Naturally, when testing a large number of candidates take a lot of time; AI-powered recruitment software comes as the most effective solution. Just because any talent-hiring takes a hell lot of time, the role of such tools is increasingly getting popular.

In this respect, we must have a basic understanding of how such software works. Basically, AI-based screening software is used for resume filtering depending upon the job requirements and desired candidate profiles. Often it just takes just a single click to complete the entire screening task. 

Lastly, coming to the question concerning the quality output of such tools, well, these tools have already passed through numerous practical tests across business organisations and helped companies hiring the right talents in record time.

Doing Away with Human Bias

In the HR recruitment process, having bias is a significant stumbling block to quality hiring. Human bias comes naturally with individual preferences and leanings towards certain qualities. But such bias may prove counterproductive for the hiring task. For example, a recruiter having a positive bias towards women can actually recruit people who could easily be replaced with far better candidates. Similar things can happen with any biases of recruiters. More bias in the recruitment process will always lead to bad recruitment.

AI-powered tool in this respect can do wonders. Having no bias irrespective of gender, physical appearance, ethnicity, religion and other common aspects, an AI-powered recruitment app or tool can really ensure pulling the best talents with the best resources.

More Well-Informed Decisions

Finally, AI-powered recruitment tools and applications help taking more well- informed decisions. While the recruitment process of earlier time used to rely heavily on chance factors and intuitive understanding of the recruiters, the modern recruiters depend more on data, and this is precisely why AI-powered tools come as a natural choice for them. Besides ensuring quality hiring AI-powered recruitment tools helps in two other parameters.

Improving the total hiring funnel: Thanks to the data-driven approach of the AI-powered tools, many errors and faultlines can be fixed quicker. For example, if there is a sharp downturn in the filling of the application form compared to the previous times, there must be some problems with the present application form. An AI-powered tool can detect such shortcomings.

Budget Allocation: While human recruiters try as many channels as possible to attract the talents, AI-powered tools with its data-driven analytics can quickly identify better and more effective channels and accordingly concentrate on them to ensure a better result in less time.  This helps in allocating a proper budget for the recruitment process.

Recruitment and talent acquisition is a crucial process for any company to stay tuned to the competition and growth needs. Naturally, enterprises need to use cutting-edge tools for HR recruitment, like AI-powered recruitment solutions.

Juned Ghanchi

Co-founder and CMO of the mobile app development company, IndianAppDevelopers. The Company specializes in working with start-ups to the big brand companies for software and mobile app solutions that will drive their business goals.

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