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Reveal your candidate's talents through the pre-recorded video interview

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Give your candidates the opportunity to express themselves beyond their resume. Refine the pre-selection of your candidates and be sure not to miss a hidden gem when reviewing a larger number of candidates.

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Recruit the SMART way

Reveal candidates with a high potential in record time.

In less than 5 minutes, create your Smart Interview campaign and invite candidates to take the video interview session.

Your candidates can interview from their phone, computer or tablet.You shall  receive their answers directly into your client account.  

A practical solution that goes beyond a CV and better reveals potential.


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Enhance your employer brand

100% customizable video interview solution!

Create video presentations of your company, add your questions according to your skills, needs, and job position criteria, choose the format (text, audio, video), and set the response time.

You can even add your logo and your graphic charter!

An intuitive solution, fully customizable and easy to use.


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Improve the candidate experience

A fun and innovative online assessment experience

Offers a candidate a unique opportunity to differentiate themselves. Candidates will enjoy recording their video interview at their own pace and at any time of the day.
Candidates have a preparation time, allowing them to better tailor their presentation

A fun and innovative way to introduce them to your business.


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Your assessments and your interviews on the same interface

Rapidity and simplicity

Access your interviews at any time via your computer or mobile phone. Online help is available 24 hours a day.

Multi-criteria assessment campaigns

Combine Smart Interview with psychometric and skills tests to make more reliable decisions.

Job matching

Define your assessment criteria to match candidates that fit the job profile and your company culture.

Flexible supports

Choose the format of questions and answers as text, audio, or video and use our predefined templates to evaluate specific skills and motivations.

Collaborative Feedback

Involve all of your reviewers to score candidates and save time internally at your organization.

Multilingual solutions

Our interface is multilingual and Smart Interview can be configured in one or more languages depending on your needs.

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