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Time Saving

Reduce time-to-hire and screening-time by up to 70%

Smart Selection

Better qualify the profiles based on multi-criteria assessment

Candidate Experience

84% of candidates are comfortable with a video interview

Recruit the SMART way Go beyond the CV to better reveal potential

In less than 5 minutes, create your Smart Interview campaign and invite candidates to take a video interview session. Your candidates can interview from their phone, computer or tablet. You shall receive their answers directly into your client account.

Valorisez vos candidats
Enhance your employer brand 100% customisable video interview solution

Create video presentations of your company, add your questions according to your needed skills and job position criteria, choose the q&a format (text, audio, video), and set the response time. You can even add your logo and your graphic charter!

Valorisez vos candidats
Personalized smart training Improve the candidate experience

A fun and innovative online assessment experience Offer candidates a unique opportunity to differentiate themselves. Candidates will comfortable recording the video interview at their own pace and at any time of the day. Candidates also have preparation time, allowing them to better tailor their presentation

Valorisez vos candidats

Our complementary solutions

Sales Profile-R

Sales Profile-R identifies the potential, competencies and motivations needed to succeed in sales. Can be used in recruitment, internal mobility or training.

Emotion 2.1

EMOTION 2.1 measures 15 factors based on Goleman’s theory and provides a more nuanced picture of emotional and social capabilities.


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