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Career Management

Bring added value to your career guidance and mobility processes

Career Guidance

Assist students and job seekers with their career choices and help them plan their professional career path.

Internal Mobility

Offer your employees new perspectives matching their personality, interests and career aspirations.

Skill Development

Identify your employees’ areas for growth and develop together to succeed as a team.

Prepare together for the future

Provide high-quality support by leveraging our expertise and assessment solutions

Guidance assessment Support career choices

Whether for high schoolers or university students seeking to validate their occupational decisions, our solutions will help you identify strengths and examine personal aspirations. We suggest combining a personality assessment with occupational interests and motivations inventory for a comprehensive analysis of an individual’s potential.

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Individual development plans Estimate development needs

Make sure you provide all the data to your employees so that they can develop their skills and thrive in your organisation. Let us support you with the implementation of the individual development plans and benefit from our personalised approach of support.

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Mobility support Offer new perspectives to your employees

Gain an in-depth understanding of a person’s needs with an analysis of personality, interests and motivations. Provide new opportunities for your employees that fit their expectations help them achieve their career objectives.

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Our expertise
Scientific Validation

Our psychometric tests are created and validated by our Research and Innovation teams, which guarantees you reliable and objective assessment tools. Each tool is subjected to several years of research and regular reviews in accordance with the validation standards established by the American Psychological Association (APA), the British Psychological Society (BPS), the European Federation of Psychologists Association (EFPA) and the International Testing Commission (ITC) to which Central Test is affiliated.

Technology and Innovation

Central Test combines passion for human psychology and information technology by keeping innovation at its core. This is reflected across all our assessments and is visible in our use of the latest statistical methods, up-to-date matching technology, and new processes. We constantly strive to push boundaries in the creation of new solutions that meet both our clients’ needs and scientific standards for assessments. Our modern assessment platform complies with the strictest data processing and security rules.

Quality Support

With our expertise as a publisher, our training programmes aim to guide you in the use of psychometric tests and guarantee you reliable support that responds to your organisational challenges. We offer a stimulating and enriching experience, with modern training programs, to help you have all the keys to make the right decisions. We combine practical exercises with theoretical content in a way that makes the material easy to understand, even for people who are new to psychometrics. Our dedicated experts can also offer you tailored recommendations to meet your evaluation challenges.

We are here to help you!

Effective skills development programs require a reliable assessment and prediction of the employee’s potential.
Let us help you with this process.

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