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Soft-Skills and Hard-Skills | 23 Nov. 2023
The skills of the future - N°4 Human relations

In this final article of our series on the skills of the future, we'll explore the importance of human relations, how to measure and develop them to ensure our…

Soft-Skills and Hard-Skills | 09 Nov. 2023
The Skills of the Future - N°3 Adaptability

The future of work is being redefined at an incredible speed. AI and automation are altering the way we work, phasing out some jobs while creating new ones.

Recruitment tips | 06 Nov. 2023
The advantages of recruitment tests

In the ‘Recruitment test’ category, I'll take the MBTI!... Not available? Oh?... The DISC then!... Not that either?

Soft-Skills and Hard-Skills | 10 Oct. 2023
The skills of the future: No. 2 Communication

In a constantly changing world, the art of effective communication becomes more than just a skill: it's a pillar upon which fruitful professional relationships…

Psychometric tests | 26 Sep. 2023
Common mistakes in using psychometric tests

Who has never been subjected to a psychometric test? There are few people who can still claim this. And if it’s the case, it’s only a matter of time.