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10 groups of behavioral skills assessed


Analysis objective based on multi-source feedback with full confidentiality


Ideal for building an effective training and skills development plan

Personal development Help your teams to strengthen their self-knowledge

The 360 Feedback evaluation report provides a comparison between anonymous comments from reviewers and those of the evaluated employee to ensure objectivity of the results. This allows you to know more about yourself and make it easier to detect the actions to be taken to build a personal development plan for the assessor.

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Skill development Highlight the strengths and focus on the areas of development

The results of 360 Feedback shed light on strengths , talents and skills unknown to the person assessed but identified by observers. The same goes for the areas of improvement, which will make it possible to build or optimize the beneficiary’s training plan.

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Annual evaluation Feedback on professional and behavioral performance

360 Feedback invites you to collect feedback from the managers, peers, subordinates and even customers or suppliers of the person evaluated. A good method for refocusing objectives and enhancing the role of an employee within the company.

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All about 360 Feedback

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