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2020: Top 5 articles from our HR Blog

eye 240 Published on 10 Dec. 2020
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In 2020, the Editorial Team at Central Test worked on creating blog posts with knowledge, advice and recommendations to assist HR professionals and employees to overcome this year's challenges, and successfully adapt to what is going to be “the new normal” to come.

Here is a feature of our 5 most-read articles from 2020

1. Our behavioural responses to Covid_19
There is no advice or figures in this article. It is rather more a neuropsychological analysis of the situation, with our objective being to bring a different viewpoint to think together about the different stages of awareness - A bit like a post-traumatic debrief to help us digest these new events.
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2. The three keys to developing social intelligence
Interpersonal skills are now some of the most in-demand attributes in business, especially when it comes to managers. This quality, which for some people can be intuitive, can, fortunately, be learned quite easily but requires the right mentality. Many assets are important if you want to develop your social intelligence, such as listening, mutual respect, adapting to context and clarity of message.
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3. Three tips for managing your teams in times of crisis
Faced with the effects of the current pandemic, most companies have had to change the way they work, including by adopting teleworking. To take up this unprecedented challenge, managers must find new ways to communicate with their teams, keeping staff motivated while also reassuring them about the possible impacts on the company. Including such factors as striking the right balance between work and private life or between trust and independence, not forgetting engagement and team cohesion, how should management be adapted in response to this crisis?
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4. Working after the lockdown: How can you guarantee your employees’ well-being?
A recent study has shown that: 40% of employees are worried about returning to work because of the risk of catching Covid 19 [1]. Including fears for their safety, tensions related to crisis management or a climate of constant uncertainty...the sources of unease about returning to work are numerous and may eventually become a demotivating factor for employees. It’s therefore, more vital than ever to adopt a genuine approach aimed at improving well-being at work, one which takes account of the specific circumstances we face in this current period.
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5. Three methods for measuring employee commitment
Employee commitment drives the performance of your company and is a powerful source of well-being and motivation. Commitment is generally defined as a “desirable condition” for the employee, which has an organizational purpose, and which connotes the involvement, passion, enthusiasm, focused effort, and energy of the worker.
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