TALENT MAP -the new multi-criteria assessment tool
TALENT MAP is an innovative and powerful Big Data algorithm that combines the results of multiple assessments in a predictive analysis of a candidate’s potential.
EBook: Emotional Intelligence in the Workplace
Central Test's new eBook offers helpful insights and practical approaches on how to measure and develop emotional intelligence in the workplace.
A reliable personality and motivation questionnaire, validated using the latest techniques in the field of psychometrics.
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Psychometric Testing - Online Assessment - Recruitment Solutions

Make reliable hiring decisions

Our psychometric assessments are tailored to the level of responsibility required and ensure an objective recruitment process.

Develop core competencies

Our assessment tools help you appreciate your employees’ skills, enhance individual talent, and implement customised training.

Identify high potentials

Our HR solutions help you assess the strategic skills and values of your company and identify your future leaders today.


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How to avoid hiring people that are less competent than you

One of the most pernicious and destructive cognitive biases within organizations, induced by the Peter principle, is the "preservation bias". Here are 5 key pieces of advice in order to counter this bias and its negative consequences. 

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