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Central Test is pleased to announce that a new revised version of the Occupational Interest Inventory-R is now available under the name VOCATION.
Discover the newest emotional intelligence assessment that predict an individual’s emotional and interpersonal qualities essential to perform at work.
Talent Map evolves
The new job referential integrates 138 current professions from emerging sectors such as IT, digital, e-commerce and is internationally relevant.
Discover the new job
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Our assessment tools help you appreciate your employees’ skills, enhance individual talent, and implement customised training.

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02 May 2017

How to improve your recruitment process with psychometrics

Recruiting a candidate who is not suitable for the given role can have serious consequences for all levels of the company, sometimes even resulting in financial risks, internal conflicts, questioning of HR skills, loss of turnover or clients.

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How Can Companies Improve Learning Agility

<p>The contemporary workplace culture is constantly evolving. With the introduction of new technology, company expansion plans and flexi-hours, the work environment is perpetually seeking new opportunities to grow.</p>

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