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Personality Assessments

Recruiting without CVs: The role of personality tests

eye 93 Published on 03 Jun. 2011
tag #HR advice

Used before the interview, these psychometric assessments help recruiters to build up candidates' profiles, which can then be further explored when the candidate and interviewer meet face to face. This often results in a richer interview and a discovery of the relevant skills and aptitudes which might not have otherwise been considered germane to the job being filled.

Along with a desire to broaden their recruitment processes, companies that choose to recruit without CVs see the concept as being more fair and successful than merely using anonymous CVs. The flaw with anonymous CVs is that even though the candidate may remain unknown, the CV still contains elements that might unconsciously skew the recruiter's perceptions of the candidate. This situation is completely prevented with the use of psychometric tests which, when applied uniformly to all applicants, will give recruiters an entirely new perspective on their candidates while allowing them to be evaluated equally.

While the move towards eliminating CVs requires additional technical involvement and a reorganisation of the recruitment process by HR professionals for established corporations, it is a programme that can just as easily be implemented step by step by small and medium enterprises.

Without going so far as to eliminate the CV entirely from the recruitment process, companies can rely on multiple sources of information about their candidates. An analysis of the information given by the candidates in their CVs can be augmented by the use of personality tests, emotional intelligence tests, and specific skills tests that measure, for example, language ability, sales potential,l and leadership skills.

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