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Recruitment tips

Recruitment tips | 22 Aug. 2023
Recruiters: Value soft skills over work experience

Professional work experience is not very reliable when it comes to predicting performance in a new position. Soft skills, on the other hand, account for 80% of the performance.

Recruitment tips | 06 Jun. 2023
4 tips for recruiting a tech profile in 2023

Tech profiles are not easily recruited, and the candidates maintain very specific expectations and requirements. As part of the 88% of companies, are you looking to recruit these profiles? A brief overview of some points to keep in mind to attract tech talents to your teams!

Recruitment tips | 01 Mar. 2023
5 good reasons to use structured interviews in recruitment

In the search for the best talent, the job interview stage can sometimes be a balancing act. The structured interview is an excellent ally to help you conduct this exercise more efficiently and objectively!

Recruitment tips | 21 Feb. 2023
How neuroscience can transform your recruitment process

Our decision-making power appears to be only 0.26%, and the remaining 99.74% is decided by our brain before we even realize it. So our brain makes decisions before we do? Let's take a look at how neuroscience can shed light on the factors that influence our hiring decisions (and not only).