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HR Trends

HR Trends | 26 Dec. 2023
Blog 2023: The Top 5 most popular articles

2023 has been a year full of exciting content, and we're delighted to bring you the stars of our blog this year. Here are the five most popular articles, the ones that triggered the most discussion, sharing and reflection.

HR Trends | 01 Dec. 2022
Talent Shortage: the mistakes to avoid in 2023

Companies are not only struggling to find candidates but also to retain them with the wave of "great " and "silent" resignations. But with the massive number of resignations, there is a marketplace for available candidates!

HR Trends | 03 Nov. 2022
Understanding and managing Quiet Quitting

After the Great Resignation, it is the Silent Resignation (also known as Quiet Quitting) that is unfolding in this post-pandemic world of work.

HR Trends | 05 May. 2022
The new skills in the era of work hybridization

HR departments are faced with major challenges, including the development of the skills necessary for a hybrid organisation and the transformation of working methods.

HR Trends | 14 Apr. 2022
Finding talent: 3 ways to optimise your recruitment process

Today, 75% of companies that have a hard time recruiting attribute their struggles to a lack of qualified candidates. To overcome this issue, and to offset the drop in activity, certain companies have opted for outsourcing by hiring employees overseas.

HR Trends | 23 Dec. 2020
In 2020: 5 most popular webinars on HR solutions

In order to respond better to the HR challenges related to the global crisis, we’ve created a series of webinars to help companies and HR professionals overcome these challenges and better adapt their talent identification, management and development strategy.

HR Trends | 10 Dec. 2020
2020: Top 5 articles from our HR Blog

In 2020, the Editorial Team at Central Test worked on creating blog posts with knowledge, advice and recommendations to assist HR professionals and employees to overcome this year's challenges, and successfully adapt to what is going to be “the new normal” to come.

HR Trends | 01 Apr. 2020
Our behavioural responses to Covid_19

This article brings a different viewpoint about our behavioural responses to Covid_19 and invite you to think together about the different stages of awareness.

HR Trends | 05 Jun. 2019
Superpower in the Workplace: Empathy

How would you describe a superpower in the workplace? Words such as “inspirational,” “influential” and “powerful” would come to mind, but you would rarely think of “empathetic.” Empathy is a skill which is often overlooked in the workplace. Determined by Frans de Waal as the “social glue that holds human society together,” empathy refers to the awareness of one’s own and other people’s feelings, needs and concerns.

HR Trends | 29 May. 2019
Demystifying the use of psychometric assessments for school staff in India

In September 2017, the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) of India issued a circular mandating its 19,500 affiliated schools to put their employees through psychometric evaluation. This article will help you better understand psychometric assessments for school personnel, especially in India. And discover all the benefits of using assessments, and how Indian schools are conducting the tests.

HR Trends | 16 May. 2017
How Can Companies Improve Learning Agility?

The contemporary workplace culture is constantly evolving. With the introduction of new technology, company expansion plans and flexi-hours, the work environment is perpetually seeking new opportunities to grow. However, studies show that most employees struggle with these transition processes and are hesitant about riding the roller coaster of change.

HR Trends | 20 Apr. 2017
How to assist millennials with their career development

Attracting and retaining the millennial generation has become an essential factor for any thriving business. Born between 1980 and 2000, millennials are the “future leaders” of society. Their ambitious career objectives, profound knowledge of technology and high emotional intelligence differentiate them from the soon-to-retire Baby Boomers, and unlike their predecessors, millennials seek more than just a job; they also want a role which is interesting and rapidly progressing.

HR Trends | 03 Jun. 2011
How to identify and challenge your creative people

Tough times can sometimes reveal a positive side. The recession made many companies discover or re-discover that creativity was a crucial business asset. Creative thinking generates innovation and sets your company in gear for greater growth.

HR Trends | 20 Apr. 2011
Benefits of Simulation Exercises in Recruitment

For many companies, simulation exercises are becoming standard practice during the recruitment process. In the past, they were primarily used to assess technical expertise, but nowadays, they evaluate behavioural skills.


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