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Psychometric tests

Psychometric tests | 26 Sep. 2023
Common mistakes in using psychometric tests

Who has never been subjected to a psychometric test? There are few people who can still claim this. And if it’s the case, it’s only a matter of time.

Psychometric tests | 24 May. 2023
Let’s understand what psychometric assessments measure!

Do you use psychometric assessments to recruit, orient, coach or conduct skills assessments? It's a great way to make your business more reliable! With these assessments, you are able to seek relevant but also decisive information to fuel discussions and guide reflections.

Psychometric tests | 05 Apr. 2022
Smart Data vs Intuition: who will win in the battle of decision-making?

Data is now at the heart of all our decisions. Our hyper-connected world generates more than 2.5 trillion bytes of data every day. And that isn’t even close to the amount of data that our brain can process in less than a second. So in terms of recruitment, who to entrust our decision-making: data or our intuition? This is the Cornelian dilemma that haunts recruiters today more than ever. Smart Data: an intelligent asset?

Psychometric tests | 11 Oct. 2017
Psychometrics: Assessing the Business Case

The use of robustly designed psychometric tests provides valuable insights into individuals and their capabilities, but implementing them into an organisation’s recruitment process can constitute a significant investment for a potentially cash-strapped HR department.

Psychometric tests | 27 Jan. 2014
The 3 best reasons for using psychometric tests

The pursuit of data has become a vital part of any decision-making process, and those who work in the field of human resources know this only too well. It is a question of obtaining relevant and objective information about potential employees, putting coherent guidelines in place for tracking employee performance, and having clear ideas about talent mobility.


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