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Talent Management | 15 Feb. 2021
Talent assessment and management: what are the challenges for 2021?

The insights from the Central Test HR study have allowed us to better understand the concerns organisations may have regarding talent assessment and management in 2021 as well as the strategic and operational transformations they have in mind for the future.

Management & Leadership | 21 Dec. 2020
3 ways to manage with kindness

Employees are in the search of kind, supportive managers to keep motivating them to reach professional goals and to reassure them. When employees feel supported and know that guidance and help is right by when needed, they can work efficiently.

Management & Leadership | 30 Nov. 2020
Infographics- 5 personality types of successful entrepreneurs

The entrepreneurial adventure requires a good knowledge of the market, a strong mindset, balanced managerial qualities and a strong personality and motivations. Discover the 5 personality types of successful entrepreneurs.  

Management & Leadership | 06 May. 2020
3 tips for managing your teams in times of crisis

Faced with the effects of the current pandemic, most companies have had to change the way they work, including by adopting teleworking. To take up this unprecedented challenge, managers must find new ways to communicate with their teams, keeping staff motivated while also reassuring them about the possible impacts on the company.

Management & Leadership | 06 Jan. 2020
Management: 3 lessons from Santa

Christmas... The richly decorated Christmas trees, carefully wrapped gifts, excited children and a touch of magic in the air... But what would Christmas be without the legendary “Santa” ?