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Personality Assessments

Personality Assessments | 13 Jul. 2023
Introverts at work: do you know their hidden skills?

Contrary to popular belief, extroversion is not always the key to success in the workplace. Introverts can be a huge asset to your workplace. Read how to embrace the power of your introverted workforce!

Personality Assessments | 20 Jun. 2023
AVATAR, the typology tool that reveals our affinities

I am different from others. Of course, we are all different from others. But I am even more unique. On the MBTI personality test, I have the rarest profile: only 1.5% of people on the planet are like me. The same goes for the AVATAR typological test, where I am among the 2% of the least common profiles.

Personality Assessments | 16 Feb. 2023
Understanding Personality Types with AVATAR

Personality type-based assessments aim to bring the individual’s true self to light rather than seeking to compare them with others. Through the discovery of our personality type, we become more aware of how we operate, allowing us to make full use of our strengths.

Personality Assessments | 01 Feb. 2022
How personality tests help in improving self-knowledge

What does self-knowledge really mean? How objectively can we answer the question "who am I?" Do personality tests help in improving self-knowledge ? If you have ever asked yourself these questions, you have already started the path to self-knowledge. In this article, we try to provide some answers to these fairly simple, but essentially deep questions.

Personality Assessments | 03 Jun. 2011
Recruiting without CVs: The role of personality tests

An anonymous CV is one that excludes a person's personal information, i.e. age, sex, pictures, and ethnic background. In the United States, the anonymous CV has been in use for almost as long as its existence, but in many other countries, it has just recently become accepted. As the anonymous CV becomes increasingly popular all over the world, more and more businesses are taking this concept one step further by removing it altogether.

Personality Assessments | 24 Feb. 2011
Recruitment: Proper use of psychometric tests

The use of psychometric tests for recruitment has greatly increased in the last 10 years. Be it in Europe, India, or Australia, almost all big companies use them. In the US, however, the use of psychometric tests is more widespread, especially due to the governmental accreditation policy on the use of these tests. It has also been found that around 70% of SMEs use psychometric tests.

Personality Assessments | 24 Feb. 2011
Emotional Intelligence: An Invaluable Assessment Tool

Personality and intelligence tests have long been valuable corporate tools. But the more recently discovered emotional intelligence is now starting to earn its place in the HR assessment tool-chest. What is emotional intelligence? Emotional intelligence is all about our ability to understand our own emotions and to interact harmoniously with those around us.