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Predictive Matching

Predictive Matching | 21 Sep. 2022
How do you predict success in a job today?

Faced with complex challenges such as the hybridization of professions, the shortage of talent, the lack of skills, being able to anticipate the potential, skills and behavior of candidates is crucial for any company.

Predictive Matching | 14 Sep. 2022
How will predictive analytics revolutionize your HR decisions?

The information collected in the traditional way in the context of a recruitment - studies, past experiences, reference checks and interactions during interviews - are not sufficient to give a solid indication of future success in a position.

Predictive Matching | 27 Apr. 2022
Predicting skills and behaviours using predictive analytics

In HR, predictive analytics is already transforming talent acquisition and management processes. As part of an artificial intelligence application, it allows one to use the power of data to anticipate candidate/employee behaviours and predict their future performance.