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HR Technology

Skill development | 07 Sep. 2021
Acquiring new skills: 3 tips to fast track your learning

With the advent of new technologies, we are expected to work at breakneck speed and demonstrate an unparalleled level of agility. So, to stay competitive, we need to constantly take in new information and hone our ability to learn at a faster rate.

| 24 Oct. 2017
Smart Data vs Intuition: who will win in the battle of decision-making?

Data is now at the heart of all our decisions. Our hyper-connected world generates more than 2.5 trillion bytes of data every day. And that isn’t even close to the amount of data that our brain can process in less than a second. So in terms of recruitment, who to entrust our decision-making: data or our intuition? This is the Cornelian dilemma that haunts recruiters today more than ever. Smart Data: an intelligent asset?