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Soft-Skills and Hard-Skills

Soft-Skills and Hard-Skills | 28 Mar. 2023
Soft-skills: How to develop critical thinking skills for managers?

Critical thinking is one of the most sought-after skills in business today. Critical thinking not only contributes to effective decision-making but also accurately assesses the complexity of the world in which we live and facilitates the search for original solutions. 

Soft-Skills and Hard-Skills | 18 Oct. 2022
What makes a salesperson successful today?

The added value brought by good salespeople comes from their customer focus and expertise because, much more than just selling, they also have to be a consultant, facilitator, and challenger, bringing unique expertise and a range of different experiences along with them.

Soft-Skills and Hard-Skills | 11 May. 2022
Focus on cross-functional skills: Learning Agility

Among the range of transversal skills, learning agility stands out as a key skill to evolve favorably in this new era of work. Let's see what it means, what makes it up and how to develop it.

Soft-Skills and Hard-Skills | 30 Mar. 2022
The skills your teams need to better perform

Soft skills are the skills we will need to bank on when carving out a place for ourselves, and understanding and embracing the transient nature of this new work environment. These skills are the new key to success and fulfilment.

Soft-Skills and Hard-Skills | 18 Jan. 2022
Hiring right by looking at the right skills

Most companies today focus on hiring the right talent for a given job. While companies invest a lot in background checks and getting the structure of the interview right to find the right talent, many tend to miss out on using a data-driven approach for their hiring process.

Soft-Skills and Hard-Skills | 13 Jan. 2022
Self-knowledge: The basis of everything!

We will see, through different examples, how self-knowledge has become an essential daily soft-skill in both the professional and personal spheres.