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Emotional intelligence

How to recognize and develop the 3 key soft skills at work soft skills Having professional skills is one thing, knowing how to manage your emotions and relationships with colleagues in the workplace is quite another. Indeed, it isn’t in the interest of a company to recruit a candidate that nobody likes to work with, but looks great on paper. So, what are the soft skills important in a professional setting? The 3 essential soft skills at work Emotional intelligence 17 Jul. 2019
What Makes an International Top Manager Superb: New Key Success Factors! chess, leadership It is believed that a clear diction, a well-posed voice, strong energy, high-stress tolerance, the gift of persuasion, and inexhaustible motivation are the basic skills of a true leader. However, our world does not stand still, which means that the demand for competencies that are sought-after among leaders is changing. Emotional intelligence 26 Jun. 2019
Superpower in the Workplace: Empathy empathy, lietening man, workplace How would you describe a superpower in the workplace? Words such as “inspirational,” “influential” and “powerful” would come to mind, but you would rarely think of “empathetic.” Empathy is a skill which is often overlooked in the workplace. Determined by Frans de Waal as the “social glue that holds human society together,” empathy refers to the awareness of one’s own and other people’s feelings, needs and concerns. HR Advice Category 05 Jun. 2019
Burn-out, bore-out, brown-out: what is the impact on employee engagement? burn-out After burn-out (being overworked) and bore-out (being bored at work), two researchers have explored the idea of another workplace anxiety: brown-out (loss of meaning). In exploring this phenomenon, Deloitte conducted a study in December 2017, which revealed that in France, more than one in two employees (55%) believe that, over time, less meaning is to be found at work. Emotional intelligence 29 Apr. 2019
Central Test is launching EMOTION, a new tool to evaluate emotional abilities EMOTION Assessment Emotions have often been overlooked within the work environment. Today they are recognised as key elements that influence our behaviour, our decisions, our well-being, and our performance at work. Emotional intelligence 03 May. 2017