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Pre-recorded video interview

Identify training needs with the pre-recorded video interview

eye 124 Published on 27 Jul. 2023
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The pre-recorded video interview is a great tool for recruitment. On the other hand, its potential use in various contexts, such as training, is still being explored. The pre-recorded video interview is particularly effective in identifying the training needs of employees, enabling them to develop their skills and enhance their career prospects.

Evaluating participants' knowledge and skills

The many functionalities of the pre-recorded video interview open up possibilities for using the tool. Firstly, learners have the freedom to answer questions at their own pace.  Since the goal here is not recruitment, it's only natural to give employees ample time to contemplate and refine their responses before submission. This approach allows them to provide more thoughtful and accurate answers. For instance, a good method for an individual seeking to be trained in public speaking is to invite the learner to present a specific topic or deliver a speech on a given topic. The objective is to highlight the person's strengths and areas for improvement in verbal and non-verbal skills. This allows trainers to assess learners' ability to communicate effectively and present ideas clearly and concisely.

Moreover, the pre-recorded video interview allows the individual to practise answering questions in a well-structured environment. Some learners, who are introverted, may find it more comfortable to respond to video questions first rather than in a face-to-face setting with a trainer.

Additionally, the pre-recorded video interview can incorporate text-based and multiple-choice questions, allowing trainers to evaluate learners' skills and knowledge. They can create personalised questionnaires tailored to the learner in order to highlight their training needs.

Through pre-recorded video interviews, employees can respond to questions regarding their current job, skills and knowledge. This allows training managers to review the responses and pinpoint potential skill and knowledge gaps among employees. The key lies in crafting the right interview questions to extract relevant insights.

This approach is also helpful in identifying employees who are ready to advance in their careers. Employees can be invited to discuss their career aspirations and the skills they want to develop to achieve their goals. Additionally, an MCQ questionnaire can be utilised to identify their preferences precisely. With this valuable information, training managers can strategically plan customised training programs to support employees in achieving their career aspirations.

How to set up pre-recorded video interviews for training and identification of training needs?

To set up pre-recorded video interviews for training and the identification of training needs, there are a few key steps to follow:

Define Objectives: Clearly establish the goals of the pre-recorded video interview to ensure alignment with the company's or learners' needs. For instance, objectives may include identifying skill gaps or pinpointing employees ready to advance in specific positions.

Develop Thoughtful Questions: Craft clear, specific questions that enable learners or employees to provide well-considered answers. Ensure the questions align with the interview's objectives. For example, inquire about current skills and desired career development.

Choose the right platform: Select a suitable delayed video interview platform that fulfils the requirements of the business or learners. Consider features like multiple question formats (video, audio, text, MCQ, etc.), AI analysis to highlight skills, and the ability to provide feedback on responses.

Inform employees about the process clearly: learners or employees should be informed of the procedure for recording their responses. Instructions should be clear and precise to avoid confusion.

Review responses: Responses should be reviewed by a training or recruitment manager to assess employees' skills, knowledge and training needs, thereby guiding them toward appropriate training programs.

In conclusion, pre-recorded video interviewing is a valuable technique for professional training and identifying training needs. This approach empowers learners to provide thoughtful responses at their own pace while reducing costs associated with in-person interviews. Using pre-recorded video interviews, companies can identify skills and knowledge gaps and plan specific training programs to help employees achieve their career goals.

If you want to identify your employees' training needs, we invite you to try our pre-recorded video interview solution Smart Interview.

Benjamin Valle

Communication & Brand Content Officer - Central Test

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