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#SkillDevelopment | 23 Nov. 2023
The skills of the future - N°4 Human relations

In this final article of our series on the skills of the future, we'll explore the importance of human relations, how to measure and develop them to ensure our place in a future where technology is increasingly prevalent.

#SkillDevelopment | 10 Oct. 2023
The skills of the future: No. 2 Communication

In a constantly changing world, the art of effective communication becomes more than just a skill: it's a pillar upon which fruitful professional relationships, remarkable innovations, and exceptional careers are built.

#SkillDevelopment | 05 Sep. 2023
How AI is shaping the skills of tomorrow?

We're living in an amazing era where technology, and lately AI applications, are starting to change our daily lives, our society, and, inevitably, the way we work, study, and progress in our careers.

#SkillDevelopment | 20 Apr. 2023
The 5 essential soft skills to success

One cannot repeat it often enough: soft skills have become essential for success in today's professional world. Want to know the 5 essential soft skills to master in 2023? In this article, we will give you an overview of the key skills you can develop in your professional life and not only.

#SkillDevelopment | 10 Jan. 2023
360° Feedback: a robust approach to annual reviews

Used in several professional contexts, the 360° evaluation method promotes a strong awareness of one's skills and stimulates the desire to improve them. Let's take a look at its actual use in the context of the annual review.

#SkillDevelopment | 11 May. 2022
Focus on cross-functional skills: Learning Agility

Among the range of transversal skills, learning agility stands out as a key skill to evolve favorably in this new era of work. Let's see what it means, what makes it up and how to develop it.

#SkillDevelopment | 30 Mar. 2022
The skills your teams need to better perform

Soft skills are the skills we will need to bank on when carving out a place for ourselves, and understanding and embracing the transient nature of this new work environment. These skills are the new key to success and fulfilment.

#SkillDevelopment | 21 Feb. 2022
How to Identify Work-Related Stress and Improve Well-being

Pressure at work is a common occurrence due to the various demands in the workplace today. An individual can accept this pressure when it is on par with the knowledge, resources and expectations one carries. But when the pressure is more than what one can accept and it becomes unmanageable, it leads to stress.

#SkillDevelopment | 13 Jan. 2022
Self-knowledge: The basis of everything!

We will see, through different examples, how self-knowledge has become an essential daily soft-skill in both the professional and personal spheres.

#SkillDevelopment | 07 Sep. 2021
Acquiring new skills: 3 tips to fast track your learning

With the advent of new technologies, we are expected to work at breakneck speed and demonstrate an unparalleled level of agility. So, to stay competitive, we need to constantly take in new information and hone our ability to learn at a faster rate.

#SkillDevelopment | 17 Jul. 2019
How to recognize and develop the 3 key soft skills at work

Having professional skills is one thing, knowing how to manage your emotions and relationships with colleagues in the workplace is quite another. Indeed, it isn’t in the interest of a company to recruit a candidate that nobody likes to work with, but looks great on paper. So, what are the soft skills important in a professional setting? The 3 essential soft skills at work

#SkillDevelopment | 26 Jun. 2019
What Makes an International Top Manager Superb: New Key Success Factors!

It is believed that a clear diction, a well-posed voice, strong energy, high-stress tolerance, the gift of persuasion, and inexhaustible motivation are the basic skills of a true leader. However, our world does not stand still, which means that the demand for competencies that are sought-after among leaders is changing.

#SkillDevelopment | 14 Jun. 2017
The Creative Flow: 3 Ways to Unleash Creativity in the Workplace

Creativity is the foundation of every company. Whether it’s a new product, new recruit or new technology, businesses everywhere are always seeking originality. It should come as no surprise therefore that creativity has become a sought-after skill and is now a number one priority in the workplace; but what actually is this creative talent everyone is looking for?

#SkillDevelopment | 16 May. 2017
How Can Companies Improve Learning Agility?

The contemporary workplace culture is constantly evolving. With the introduction of new technology, company expansion plans and flexi-hours, the work environment is perpetually seeking new opportunities to grow. However, studies show that most employees struggle with these transition processes and are hesitant about riding the roller coaster of change.

#SkillDevelopment | 22 May. 2012
Interpersonal skills have become essential for technical professions

IT developers, engineers, maintenance technicians... many technical professionals share many of the same characteristics. They are usually enthusiastic about technology and their work, and their soft skills are often underestimated by recruiters.

#SkillDevelopment | 11 May. 2011
Psychometric tests for student selection and support

Psychometric tests are widely used in business schools, in engineering institutions, and in some universities. On top of that, they are also frequently used to select students for short-term programmes for technical diplomas. "Due to the increase in interest for such tools, their use will strongly grow in the years to come," foresees Céline Jouffray."

#SkillDevelopment | 20 Apr. 2011
Benefits of Simulation Exercises in Recruitment

For many companies, simulation exercises are becoming standard practice during the recruitment process. In the past, they were primarily used to assess technical expertise, but nowadays, they evaluate behavioural skills.


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