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What Makes an International Top Manager Superb: New Key Success Factors!

eye 167 Published on 26 Jun. 2019
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It is believed that a clear diction, a well-posed voice, strong energy, high-stress tolerance, the gift of persuasion, and inexhaustible motivation are the basic skills of a true leader. However, our world does not stand still, which means that the demand for competencies that are sought-after among leaders is changing. Today, leadership ceases to be authoritarian. The general trend of humanity is that everyone wants to show their individuality more and more, but less and less willing to blindly follow other people. The main activity of the leader is to maintain a common direction, accompany colleagues, and make sure that everyone in the team can express themselves to the maximum. Here is the list of basic competencies and features that make modern international top manager really successful.

Clear Vision

This is a key competence. The manager should have the ability to see the image of the final result of the activity at the beginning of the journey. The manager should understand everything, see the result, and understand what the benefits for people will be and what the main idea is. The visual picture and the presence of the image should be clear since it is the vision that helps to reach the result and achieve it.

Charge People with His Vision

The leader needs to create a picture of the future not only for himself but also to be able to correctly present such a picture to others. The leader must be able to tell the story in such a way that the people understand that difficult situations may arise but there is always the ways to solve them. And the main thing here is that the manager has to show that he has an idea of how to overcome such events thanks to his experience. Storytelling is the best motivation for employees who can unite and move towards one goal.

Presence of Foreign Experience

An essential factor for a successful leader is the ability to go beyond his own culture and to learn from his own experience of how business is conducted in different countries and identify key features of business processes from the abroad.

Understanding Other Cultures

The really successful manager should necessarily take a serious interest in the study of cultural characteristics in other countries. Moreover, he should share this information with his colleagues! Only with such knowledge and skills, it will be possible to enter the global arena.

One striking difference between businesses in different countries is the hierarchy. The phenomenon of "boss-friend" is not widely distributed everywhere, but welcomed in many places. In any case, this makes sense to be aware of the peculiarities of foreign cultures, especially if there is a goal of entering new markets and getting in touch with foreign customers.

Communication Within the International Team

The leader should contribute to improving the work of colleagues in a multicultural context. In particular, the leader must provide knowledge to prepare participants to overcome the difficulties and pitfalls that are inherent in intercultural interaction, and also improve their communication skills with people from other countries. It is worth noting that the leader should contribute to the training of all its employees, regardless of their position.

The Vision of Possibilities and Positive-Thinking Approach to Problems and Obstacles

You will never hear such phrases as "Nothing can be done!" or "I do not know how to solve all the problems." from the real top manager. “There is nothing impossible” and “We will cope with everything” are the phrases that should be the driving force in the team led by a superb manager. However, there are a lot of challenges faced by leaders so make sure to read this material in order to be prepared for unexpected situations.

Never Stand Still

A true leader never stands still. He has to move forward all the time. A true leader does not just create a vision; he takes steps every day to achieve it. This does not mean that he does everything himself, but he takes action. Laziness and leadership are incompatible qualities!

Empathy Ability

Integration, networking, constant communication with all market players are the things that today can give more benefits than just the position in business circles and the ability to perform a representative function.

A suit, car, watches, and other attributes are becoming less significant. A leader who takes off the crown and communicates on an equal footing with the team, customers, partners has a better chance of success because at the moment of uncertainty the company will never lose due to the inability to listen to the interests of customers, partners, employees, and even stakeholders.

How to Promote Yourself to Leadership: 8 Steps for Self-Development

Here are some tips for successful leadership that are working regardless of business specifics, environment, and other factors.

  1. Think about whether you have a picture of your future. If not, then it is inapplicable to create and carefully describe it.
  2. Be sure to attend self-development training. You will get not only new skills, but you will become a step better than you were yesterday.
  3. At least once a month, monitor the appearance of new values ​​in the business sphere.
  4. Ask your colleagues about the development of your common cause.
  5. Ask yourself the question: “What example am I for my colleagues and wards?” Record all the answers to get a general picture and create a direction for movement.
  6. Think about the problems in your business. Try to go deep and understand what has become the root for its occurrence. Formulate three key steps to get rid of them.
  7. Make it a rule to monitor your emotional state. Learn to balance your emotions. Take yoga, visit a specialist or a coach. Remember that you must always be with a clear head and without nervous tension to achieve lofty goals.
  8. Get a creative hobby. Even a couple of hours of simple dreaming will be effective.

Select at least three items from the list above and realize them in the next three days. In this way, you will begin your journey towards the independent development of your leadership qualities.

Be sure to keep in mind that the main features that form the top manager who is able to lead a company to success are the correct internal vision of goals and ways to achieve it, as well as the ability to convince and motivate the company’s people to help it implement the strategy.

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