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#ManagementLeadership | 29 Jun. 2023
The benefits of transformational leadership

The transformational leader involves different ways of being, thinking, and acting. The qualities such as righteousness, discipline, expertise, political skill, and consistency are usually associated with successful leaders.

#ManagementLeadership | 27 Jun. 2023
Redefining leadership styles in a fast-changing world

Nearly 10,000 studies have looked at leadership, but the definition is still elusive. However, we can agree that leadership is more than just a title, it is a skill that can be cultivated.

#ManagementLeadership | 09 May. 2023
Neuroscience and top teams: the power of cerebral preferences

What if we used neuroscience to create high-performance teams? Ned Herrmann's model of brain preferences has proven useful in this area. Complementary, versatile and competitive teams are formed using the “total brain” method.

#ManagementLeadership | 06 Jan. 2020
Management: 3 lessons from Santa

Christmas... The richly decorated Christmas trees, carefully wrapped gifts, excited children and a touch of magic in the air... But what would Christmas be without the legendary “Santa” ?

#ManagementLeadership | 26 Jun. 2019
What Makes an International Top Manager Superb: New Key Success Factors!

It is believed that a clear diction, a well-posed voice, strong energy, high-stress tolerance, the gift of persuasion, and inexhaustible motivation are the basic skills of a true leader. However, our world does not stand still, which means that the demand for competencies that are sought-after among leaders is changing.

#ManagementLeadership | 14 May. 2019
GAME OF THRONES : Are you the type of leader who will sit on the Iron Throne?

Team cohesion, give employees recognition, provide regular feedback, be trusting: Game of Thrones, the famous TV series, delivers management lessons to be applied- or not - at work. Charismatic leaders, visionary strategists and crisis management specialists... The heroes and heroines of the show displayed good management skills throughout the 8 seasons. There are only a few lucky characters left - the last episode of the series will be released next Sunday - but the conquest of the Iron Throne is still raging. Among the favourites to win we have 3 charismatic leaders, all with their own unique style of management: Jon Snow, Sansa Stark and Daenerys. Time to bet!

#ManagementLeadership | 31 Jan. 2019
How to identify your high-potential employees?

Ideally, organisations would want all their employees to work at their full potential and contribute equally. But research shows that the long-term success of an organisation is driven and sustained by a select few high-potential employees or HiPos. High-potential employees deliver two to six times the return of average players.*

#ManagementLeadership | 16 Jan. 2019
How to Train the Next Generation of Leaders

Millennials are quickly moving into leadership positions across most industries. A largely misunderstood and oft-criticized generation, they contain the potential to hold roles and responsibilities that will impact the companies they lead for years to come. How can current managers best train their rising stars to take up the mantle of management?


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