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The essential qualities of an entrepreneur in times of crisis

eye 857 Published on 17 Nov. 2020
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Despite the ongoing global pandemic, business creation has been on the rise since the month of May. Many entrepreneurs embark on the adventure through thick and thin. In order to avoid shipwreck, the entrepreneurial adventure requires much more than a good knowledge of the market, a strong mindset and balanced managerial qualities.

A strong and positive mindset

Above all, being an entrepreneur demands a specific state of mind. This entrepreneurial mindset consists of a way of thinking, acting and reacting to the various obstacles daily and many challenges that come in the path to success. An entrepreneur is confronted daily with various pressures, whether it is to define business development strategies,  establishment of a team, or the implementation of wise marketing strategy to face the competition. In order to meet all these challenges, the qualities of the entrepreneur play a crucial role.

Self motivation and an unyielding optimism allow an entrepreneur to not quit at the first hard-ships and persevere.  Moving forward  while being positive strengthens self-confidence and confidence in the future, helps build the mindset for success.
This mindset geared towards success can be built and developed. For example, an entrepreneur should draw strength and enrich his potential from the stories of other successful entrepreneurs. For the purpose of being successful it’s not enough to have a vision and creative ideas, it is necessary to move forward with positive actions and not to be afraid of failing.

Sometimes new ideas are even born from failure. The greatest entrepreneurs teach us this lesson of positivity and perseverance: it’s by making mistakes that we learn and grow.

Agility and action

Faced with the complex and uncertain environments in which they must operate, entrepreneurs must above all be agile. Agility is the ability to react quickly to unexpected situations and to keep an open mind for new opportunities. Agility encompasses several qualities (flexibility, easiness, alertness) and is the sum of all the business know-how, knowledge to be, and knowledge to act.

With the intention of becoming an agile entrepreneur, continuous learning is the key to success. Everything is changing rapidly today: market conditions, customer expectations, legislation, management methods, marketing practices, and more..

To face new challenges an entrepreneur must constantly push himself to improve in areas where their skills are lacking. However, it’s not the only aspect in development. By encouraging learning, we question ourselves every day, we develop the habit of taking on new challenges, the requirement to know more and more, we tend to become better versions of ourselves.

So, if you are an entrepreneur, take the time to invest in yourself. Begin with motivational reading or videos, explore and test the practices of successful entrepreneurs, invest in a specific training program, find the method that works best for you and keeps you going and in constant motivation. Remember, an agile entrepreneur manages to adapt quickly to changes, imagine ingenious solutions and anticipate changes.

So is this global pandemic preventing you from developing your business? Your agility, your positive spirit and your strong mindset will be your allies in developing the best strategy to face this crisis.

Lucia Mititel

Communications and Digital Marketing Manager

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