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In 2020: 5 most popular webinars on HR solutions

eye 214 Published on 23 Dec. 2020
tag #Talent management

In order to respond better to the HR challenges related to the global crisis, we created a series of webinars to help companies and HR professionals overcome these challenges and better adapt the strategy for  talent identification, management and development.

Here is a feature of our 5 most-watched webinars in 2020.

1. How to enhance employee motivation and commitment in difficult times

The webinar will walk you through the science of motivation, and provide practical tips on how to keep your employees motivated throughout the ongoing challenges we are being faced with in 2020. 

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2. Deconfinement and psychosocial risks: what actions for companies?

Beyond the preventive measures taken to restrict the risks of contamination of the coronavirus, companies must act in the prevention of psychosocial risks, to preserve health and well-being of their employees. The webinar discusses: how should companies act? What tools and methods should be put in place to support their employees?

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3. Social Intelligence—a key skill to develop

Social intelligence refers to the ability to be present and interact meaningfully, showing consideration and attuning to how certain factors may impact those around you. The webinar elucidates: how can we effectively develop our social intelligence and create stronger relationships in the workplace? How can we use this to become more authentic leaders?

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4. Identifying the qualities of successful entrepreneurs

Psychometric tests can help you analyse your specific entrepreneurial profile from different angles: behavioural, managerial and commercial; and can help position you as a driving resource for your company projects. During the webinar we try to: Understand the importance of having an entrepreneurial approach today. Identify crucial qualities for entrepreneurial success. Get a deeper understanding of the tests than can assess these qualities.

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5. The benefits of psychometric assessments for personal development

Psychometric tests are powerful personal development tools, and can be crucial for gaining a deeper understanding of yourself and your abilities. They allow you to get to know yourself and what makes you unique, as well as helping you  recognise your potential, understand your aspirations and motivations, and improve your well-being.

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