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Talent management

Talent management | 15 Feb. 2021
Talent assessment and management: what are the challenges for 2021?

The insights from the Central Test HR study have allowed us to better understand the concerns organisations may have regarding talent assessment and management in 2021 as well as the strategic and operational transformations they have in mind for the future.

Talent management | 23 Dec. 2020
In 2020: 5 most popular webinars on HR solutions

In order to respond better to the HR challenges related to the global crisis, we’ve created a series of webinars to help companies and HR professionals overcome these challenges and better adapt their talent identification, management and development strategy.

Talent management | 03 Jun. 2011
How to identify and challenge your creative people

Tough times can sometimes reveal a positive side. The recession made many companies discover or re-discover that creativity was a crucial business asset. Creative thinking generates innovation and sets your company in gear for greater growth.