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3 reasons to use pre-recorded video interviews with students

05 Nov 2019

3 reasons to use pre-recorded video interviews with students

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Attracting, identifying and building loyalty among students are just some of the challenges faced by higher education establishments in helping future graduates reach their full potential. With current and future generations eagerly embracing digital technology, why not use pre-recorded video interviews with your students? Whether it is during the busy admissions period, recruiting students from abroad, or preparing them for working life, the use of pre-recorded video interviews offers a wealth of advantages at every stage in a student’s life!

Facilitating pre-selection during admissions

By using pre-recorded video interviews at the pre-selection stage, you can save time and improve quality. You can say bye bye to heaps of files and folders cluttering up your desk and to the hours spent carefully pouring through the different applications to pick out the best candidates! In fewer than 5 minutes, you can create an interview and invite your applicants to take part, in addition to their usual application. As well as saving valuable time during the pre-selection stage, usually performed on the phone , pre-recorded video interviews can be viewed whenever your diary permits. 

What’s more, pre-recorded video interviews enable you to consider a greater number of applications from a wider variety of applicants, whether from the country that you are in or abroad. The structure of the interview will be identical for all applicants. As a result, you’re free from some of the cognitive biases that come with being a human being.

Handy tip: by combining pre-recorded video interviews, a reasoning test and a language test during the pre-selection stage, you can save even more time during the admission phases.

Supporting your students throughout their studies

Supporting your students during their studies to help them gain the skills they need is one of your priorities. The skill level for each student won’t be the same at the time they arrive, midway through their course and at the end of their studies! Organising pre-recorded video interviews at different stages of a student’s tenure enables teaching staff to check that students are making progress and gaining required skills, as well as identifying any areas for improvement with each student. Being more aware of their objectives and their added value, the students adopt a more structured approach and are better equipped to convince their future recruiters.

Pre-recorded video interviews are also a remarkably effective support tool when it comes to help your students with  passing job interviews. What could be better than the possibility to train under real-life conditions? As well as learning to answer the interview’s questions , the use of video technology gives the students the possibility to view their performance after recording is complete. The teacher and student can then use this invaluable resource to learn the necessary lessons from this exercise, particularly in terms of verbal communication and body language. 

Pitching your students to future recruiters

For your students, joining the job market will be the most crucial stage of all. With pre-recorded video interviews, you can organise speed dating campaigns between your students and partner companies. We are well aware that your establishment’s relationships with its partner companies contribute significantly to its reputation. By using pre-recorded video interviews, you can easily and creatively promote your students, helping them present their best side to find the careers they deserve. And you can easily circulate these video portraits to your partners with just a click!

Although practical, the CV is today an outdated resource. When students leave higher education, generally at around 24-25 years of age, they’re usually unsure of how to make the most of their previous achievements without work experience. Fortunately, soft skills and personality are today two factors which are always in demand from recruiters when considering applications from candidates. What better way to allow their true personalities to shine through than with a video?



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