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3 tips inspired by Pokémon Go for a reliable recruitment process

eye 158 Published on 28 Jul. 2016
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Recently, the ‘Pokémon Go’ fever gripped the world, and as professionals, especially in HR and candidates play the game to discover and catch the friendly beasts: there are some very useful business lessons that they can learn from this very addictive game.

So, here are three tips inspired by “Pokémon Go" for a reliable recruitment process:

Prepare your strategy and objectives in advance:
As the Pokémon Go players, as a recruiter, you are looking for the “rare Pokémon” (read candidates). Your success will depend on your experience, time in-hand and final goals. If you are new to the game of selection, start by creating a strategic plan: determine the time you have, identify the basic needs of the job and make a list of qualities you expect in your future employee. Your goal is to choose the one that best corresponds to your objectives.

Advice to Pokémon Go to players: do not quickly select the first arrivals (like Charmander, Squirtle and Bulbasaur), take your time, go over obstacles and look for the candidate who will make a difference (find you’re Pikachu!).

2. Use the right tools to increase your chances:
Pokeball, Super Ball, Hyper Ball, Framby berries, incense or any other lures are all tools that can increase your chances of capturing the desired Pokémon. But beware, it's not just because you use the tools that your catch will be a successful one.
It’s the same for your recruitment process. So, choose assessment tools that have already proven successful and can evaluate with certainty: the qualities you are looking for. Then, to use the tools wisely, avail training as needed, this shall prevent you from making any mistakes due to misinterpretation.

Advice to Pokémon Go to players:  like Pokémon, some candidates are more complicated than the others, to identify.  So, do not settle for just one test, use several tools to identify the various subtleties of your candidate—personality, motivations, attitudes, interests and reasoning.

3. Be cautious of cognitive biases:
Some Pokémon will give you a hard time, there are those who tend to flee quickly or others who hide their true face. We advise players to look out when they move, pay attention to cars and ravines. 
Similarly, to recruiters, it is advisable to avoid falling into the traps (the cognitive biases) of the candidates’ or even of their own mind. A recruitment mistake can happen quickly and it can cost you dearly.

Advice to Pokémon Go to players:  in a duel arena, one must master certain combat skills to become the best trainer. And, to become the best recruiter one must refining their techniques, like the capability to adjust your perceptions, willingness to explore from all angles for a complete view, ability to ask the right questions, audacity to express your doubts about the candidates, and wisdom to not be afraid to listen to contradicting opinions.

So, as a recruiter, what lessons have you learnt from the Pokémon Go?

Lucia Mititel

Communications and Digital Marketing Manager

Lucia has ten years of experience in communications and digital marketing. Since joining Central Test in 2008, she developed a passion for psychology and human resources. Curious about everything, she likes to perfect her knowledge, take on new challenges

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