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Webinars | 09 Oct. 2020
The benefits of psychometric assessments for personal development

Life balance, well-being, self-confidence, surpassing yourself—personal development encompasses many aspects of personal and professional life.Personal development is a quest towards self-realisation, which requires a comprehensive approach to self-reflection and valuing your potential.

Webinars | 29 Jun. 2020
WEBINAR: Social Intelligence—a key skill to develop

Social intelligence refers to the ability to be present and interact meaningfully, showing consideration and attuning to how certain factors may impact those around you. The Social Intelligence combines key skills such as empathy, organisational awareness, and influence.

Webinars | 15 Jan. 2019
WEBINAR - Hire candidates who fit your culture and values

Organizational culture is essential for recruiting and retaining great employees. In addition to job fit— candidates who are hired on the basis of culture fit - will perform better, and stay longer within your organisation. Therefore, it’s important to ensure you identify their values, culture, and motivations from the selection stage.