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Webinars | 05 Jan. 2023
360° Feedback in action: a successful implementation in 5 concrete steps

The 360° assessment is one of the most powerful tools for bringing out the potential of employees and targeting their development needs. Unfortunately, this particular assessment technique still seems to be underestimated as only 25% of companies say they are actually using it. 

Webinars | 02 Dec. 2022
How to recruit and retain talent in 2023?

Whether it's about upgrading recruitment processes, strengthening coaching and training methods, or integrating employee engagement strategies to improve employee experience, traditional strategies no longer help to weather the storm.

Webinars | 09 Nov. 2022
Quiet Quitting: Rethinking employee engagement

After the Great Resignation, it is the Silent Resignation, also known as Quiet Quitting, that is unfolding in this post-pandemic world of work. 80% of individuals have a negative perspective about the Silent Resignation, and it indeed reflects a reality we must face.

Webinars | 30 Nov. 2021
How to create an Impactful Annual Review

In this webinar our experts will help you understand what goes into creating an impactful Annual Review, so that both the organisation and the employee feel empowered by making meaningful decisions based on robust data.

Webinars | 29 Jul. 2021
WEBINAR | How to use Psychometric Assessments for successful Internal Mobility

This webinar explores and discussed the use of psychometric tools to provide invaluable insights for effective internal mobility processes that encourage long-term productivity and engagement. Shares 3 key assessments actionable advice to make successful internal mobility decisions in multiple contexts. Followed by a…