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New products

New products | 27 Apr. 2021
Reveal personality types with the new assessment AVATAR

We are pleased to present you the new typological personality test - AVATAR. This test describes 8 personality types and helps you better understand their impact on your employees' behaviour and team dynamics.

New products | 01 Sep. 2020
Analyse key motivators and job satisfaction with MOTIVATION

The new MOTIVATION assessment from Central Test makes it possible to analyse the key motivators linked to with degree of satisfaction at work. The test is based on the “Munster Work value Measure” model, according to which an individual's behaviors, choices and attitudes are influenced by ther values ​​and motivations.

New products | 03 Oct. 2017
EBOOK: Emotional Intelligence in the Workplace

Central Test’s new eBook Emotional intelligence in the Workplace offers helpful insights and practical approaches on how to measure and develop emotional intelligence, so you can create a more productive and happy workplace.

New products | 05 Sep. 2017
Discover the new spatial reasoning assessment

Central Test has developed a new assessment - REASONING - SPATIAL - which measures an individual's spatial reasoning skills, and more precisely a very important component of these skills: mental rotation. This ability requires proficiency in mental visualization skills since it involves mentally representing a complex…


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