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360° Feedback in action: a successful implementation in 5 concrete steps

eye 163 Published on 05 Jan. 2023
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The 360° assessment is one of the most powerful tools for bringing out the potential of employees and targeting their development needs.

Unfortunately, this particular assessment technique still seems to be underestimated as only 25% of companies say they are actually using it. 

Whether you are HR or a direct participant in such an assessment, the 360 degree still raises a lot of controversy. What are the underlying reasons for this? Misunderstanding of the tool? Lack of knowledge of its advantages? Poor implementation? Lack of resources? 

Join us for a Live Webinar on Thursday, 26th January at 11:30 CEST to discuss the dynamics of a 360° evaluation.

During this interactive webinar session, our experts will share practical tips and strategies for making the most of your 360° feedback process. You will learn:

  • The benefits of a 360° assessment for individuals and organisations
  • Points to take into consideration for the process
  • Practical case: how to successfully implement a 360° Feedback Assessment  
  • Central Test's 360° Feedback: skills assessed and guidance provided

Nishita Paul: Occupational Psychology and R&D Consultant, Central Test
Tze Kwan Lau: R&D Consultant, Central Test



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