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Quiet Hiring: Empowering existing talent

eye 122 Published on 25 Apr. 2023
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The work world has seen many trends, from the Great Resignation to Quiet Quitting. And now, as we navigate through the talent shortage phase, a new buzzword has surfaced: 'Quiet Hiring.' This concept has been earmarked as one of the upcoming workplace trends of 2023. It's a bandwagon we should all hop on if we want to stay ahead of the curve.

The persistent issue of talent shortage leads to a need for more skilled employees, which organisations try to combat by focusing on employee retention while cutting operational costs. 

But what if there was a way to address the problem and enhance employee engagement? Enter 'quiet hiring,' a cost-effective approach that centres on upskilling and incentivising current employees with new skills, responsibilities, and roles to fill the void left by previous talents. The outcome is the creation and retention of highly skilled and motivated employees.

Join us for a Live webinar on Wednesday, 17th May, at 11:30 CEST to discuss and  know more about how ‘quiet hiring’ can work for your organisation.

During this webinar session, our experts will help you understand:   

  • The approach of quiet hiring
  • The advantages of quiet hiring for individuals and organisations 
  • What methods to use to upskill your employees

Nishita Paul - Occupational Psychology and R&D Consultant, Central Test
Tze Kwan Lau - R&D Consultant, Central Test



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