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Discover SMART - the new adaptive reasoning assessment

eye 2173 Published on 02 Mar. 2021
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Central Test is proud to present its new adaptive reasoning test SMART.

SMART allows you to measure an individual's specific reasoning skills useful in problem solving, learning and decision making.

Unlike a traditional test, an adaptive assessment will adapt the difficulty level of the questions presented to the test-taker according to how they answered the previous questions.

SMART is made up of 3 modules: Smart LOGICAL, Smart VERBAL and Smart NUMERICAL—which can be administered individually.

The advantages of adaptive testing with SMART :

  • A finer, more accurate level of assessment and an improved candidate experience, which strengthens your attractiveness as an employer.
  • Allows a better differentiation of individuals with higher intellectual ability.
  • A different questionnaire for each candidate that avoids cheating with an integrated social desirability indicator.

SMART can be used for selection, recruitment, internal mobility and competitive/entrance exams for colleges and business schools.

Discover SMART in video

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