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Reveal personality types with the new assessment AVATAR

eye 770 Published on 27 Apr. 2021
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For an employee, being able to identify their strengths, potentials and limitations is an essential asset to succeed in their corporate missions. A good knowledge of oneself makes it possible to be more effective and efficient, both individually and team level.

We are pleased to present you the new typological personality test - AVATAR.

AVATAR allows you to better identify individual preferences such as working style, strengths and assets, sources of motivation, communication style, the ideal environment to perform.

This test describes 8 personality types and helps you better understand their impact on your employees' behaviour and team dynamics.

Main strengths:

  • Comprehensive personality tool combining the most popular personality models and theories (MBTI, DISC, Big Five, Jung, HEXACO).
  • Original and trendy, offers an in-depth insight into the personality types by highlighting behavioural preferences.
  • Control of social desirability.
  • Built on a scientifically validated model (Cronbach's Alpha coefficient 0.86 and Model Fit (i.e. Confirmatory Factor Index) of 0.92)
  • User-friendly report focused on personal development.

AVATAR constitutes a solid basis for any professional or personal development approach. It is therefore recommended for onboarding, team building, career management, coaching etc.

AVATAR is not recommended for recruitment because it does not allow discrimination between people of the same "type".