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A new personality assessment specifically designed for entry-level positions

eye 87 Published on 10 Mar. 2018
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Today job opportunities that require little proficiency reflect the changes in the workforce and the new business expectations. Low-level employees are now required to be more savvy, competent, have a higher sense of service, and take on more responsibilities.

Assessing individuals’ with a lower qualification requires specific tools adapted to their roles, academic education, and linguistic skills.

After 3 years of research and development, Central Test is launching a new and innovative assessment especially designed for positions requiring a lower-level of qualification.

WORK PROFILE is a personality assessment that reliably measures an individual’s personality through their workplace, social and emotional traits, as well as the values and aspirations that drive them forward. It measures 15 aspects of work personality providing an in-depth analysis of an individual’s work profile and job compatibility.

Value-added features:

  •  Easily comprehensible questionnaire and report
  •  Contemporary assessment reflecting the modern working environment
  •  Reliable and guarded against social desirability: developed using state-of-the-art psychometric techniques such as Thurstonian IRT
  •  Profile matching with 6 work-focused personality types
  •  Can be used alongside Talent Map to match a candidate’s suitability with 36 competencies and 138 professions

To learn more about WORK PROFILE, read the detailed product page.

To try the assessment for 15 days free of charge subscribe to our trial offer.