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Webinars | 14 Jun 2023
Human-centric Leadership: The Way Forward

Join us on Thursday, 6th July, at 11:30 CEST to discuss and know more about how ‘Human-centric Leadership’ can work for your organisation. Learn how to inspire…

Webinars | 25 Apr 2023
Quiet Hiring: Empowering existing talent

The persistent issue of talent shortage leads to a need for more skilled employees, which organisations try to combat by focusing on employee retention while…

Webinars | 02 Dec 2022
How to recruit and retain talent in 2023?

Whether it's about upgrading recruitment processes, strengthening coaching and training methods, or integrating employee engagement strategies to improve…

Webinars | 30 Nov 2021
How to create an Impactful Annual Review

In this webinar our experts will help you understand what goes into creating an impactful Annual Review, so that both the organisation and the employee feel…


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