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Target public

All candidates or employees; especially those in entry-level and operational roles


English and Russian


90 questions

Time taken

10 to 15 minutes

Prospective employees are now required to be more savvy, competent, have a higher sense of service, and take on more responsibilities.

Gaining insight into individuals’ personality and work temperament is therefore essential in choosing the right candidates, and sustaining a positive employee experience.

WORK PROFILE is a personality assessment that measures an individual’s work personality through their workplace traits, social and emotional traits; as well as the values and aspirations that drive them forward. The test has been developed especially for use in the recruitment process for entry-level and operational roles.

Career management

WORK PROFILE provides relevant and clear information on the personality traits of individuals in entry-level professional settings. This assessment allows you to quickly identify the strengths and weaknesses of your candidates and their suitability for the position.You can match your candidates against a comprehensive framework of jobs and quickly select the individual that meets your requirements.

WORK PROFILE is very useful in the management of individuals’ careers; particularly in the assessment of their skills and career mobility.The results of WORK PROFILE allow a sharp analysis of an individual’s profile, providing a reflective analysis of their traits, aspirations and motivations, in order to ensure that you can guide them in the right direction at work. This is relevant for both skills development and career evolution.The framework of 138 professional occupations will help in exploring the individual’s suitability for different occupations, so as to better support them in their career plan.

Strong points

Easily comprehensible questionnaire and report

Reliable and guarded against social desirability

Profile matching with 6 work-focused personality types

Contemporary assessment reflecting the modern working environment

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