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Emotional intelligence is a wide range of human qualities that involves intrapersonal skills such as self-control, self-awareness, self-motivation and interpersonal skills such as maintaining good relationships, motivating others and influencing them.

Emotional intelligence is essential for achieving professional success as it drives 67% of the essential skills needed for an optimal performance at work.

EMOTION 2 measures 15 factors based on Goleman’s theory and provides a more nuanced picture of Emotional Intelligence. The test highlights some unique dimensions adjusted to the current work environment such as dealing with diversity and motivating others.

EMOTION 2 provides a reliable score of an individual’s inter- and intrapersonal competencies and also controls for social desirability, the tendency to present oneself in a manner that will be viewed favourably by others.

Prevention of psychosocial risks

A diagnosis of the motivation and satisfaction of your employees makes it possible to prepare courses of action to reduce stress, undesirable behaviour at work and improve well-being and commitment. With MOTIVATION analysis you can adapt your well-being policy to the needs of your employees. Our consultants support you in setting up appropriate solutions to optimise the work environment and maintain the satisfaction of your teams.

EMOTION 2 can be useful for designing training programmes focusing on areas in which an individual needs improvement.Our emotional intelligence assessment can also be used to identify and develop managerial qualities. Emotionally intelligent leaders are more likely to make effective leadership decisions and achieve better business results. In addition, managers with low emotional intelligence will attempt to impose and dictate change, while managers with high emotional intelligence will be able to lead the team for driving that change. As of such, assessing emotional intelligence will help you with decision-making in areas such as team management, leadership development, and management transition

Strong points

Provides norm-based EQ scores (in the same fashion as IQ tests)

Measures social desirability

Summarises a candidate's emotional profile

Gives advice on how to improve weaknesses

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