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Target public

Job-seekers, employees and students


English, French German, Dutch, Spanish, and Portuguese


42 questions (full version) and 21 questions (short version)

Time taken

35 minutes (full version) and 20 minutes (short version)

The Reasoning Test-R evaluates cognitive abilities like logical thinking, numerical analysis, verbal communication that is required to perform in a professional environment. It is particularly useful for roles requiring good analytical skills or in a complex work environment.

There is a strong correlation between performance and IQ. However, other factors such as personality, interests, and emotional intelligence should also be considered for a more comprehensive evaluation of an individual’s potential.

The Reasoning Test-R is available as a full version labelled Reasoning Test (Corporate) and a shorter version as Reasoning Test 20’.

Internal mobility
Selection for Business Schools

Recruiting individuals with high intellectual abilities leads to better returns on investments for your organisation. Employees with higher intellectual ability are better equipped to learn job-related skills quickly and adapt to the environment, thereby improving their performance.This assessment enables you to assess the reasoning and learning ability of a candidate, and their potential to succeed in a particular role.

An employee's ability to develop new skills, face new challenges, and learn from training is a strong predictor of their future performance.Identifying your employees’ reasoning abilities allows you to predict which areas they will most likely to excel in, thereby giving you valuable information on which future tasks and projects they should be allocated.

The Reasoning Test helps you identify students who have the ability to succeed in an industry or institution by giving a clear picture of their aptitude and learning ability.People with a higher intellectual ability tend to respond better in academic training and work environments, and are able to find the necessary resources to succeed.

Strong points

Evaluates a candidate's general intelligence (IQ)

Uses original and varied questions

Provides detailed solutions to the questions

Available in both a long and short format



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