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Target public

Entrepreneurs and project leaders


English, French, and Arabic


85 questions

Time taken

10-12 minutes

The Entrepreneur Test identifies the necessary skills and entrepreneurial characteristics needed to start a new venture. The assessment analyses 14 key dimensions of personality, motivations, skills, and experiences required to be successful as an entrepreneur.
It also matches with five standard entrepreneurial profiles.

Skill development

Support your project leaders with an approach that will secure their decisions and give them confidence in their possibilities of success. The Entrepreneur Test skillfully combines characteristics linked to the candidate’s personality and experience, in order to measure both the behavioral qualities and the skills necessary for starting a business. The results allow you to compare them with 5 typical entrepreneur profiles.

Strong points

Analysis of 14 dimensions of personality, motivations, abilities and experience

Combines personality factors and experience factors

Renders the entrepreneur profile of the candidate

Comparison with 5 entrepreneurial profiles