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Target public

executives, employees and young graduates


French, English, Spanish


41 questions

Time taken

15 min

MOTIVATION is an assessment specially designed to help you understand what are the “drivers” that propel a person's energy at work and contribute to their engagement. The test is based on the “Munster Work Value Measure” model, according to which an individual's behaviors, choices and attitudes are influenced by their values ​​and motivations. MOTIVATION evaluates 15 crucial motivational aspects in the workplace while indicating the degree of satisfaction with each of them.

Internal mobility
Prevention of psychosocial risks

Knowing the basic needs of a candidate is an excellent way to check that their motivations are in line with the proposed assignments and with your work environment.By using MOTIVATION, you can identify the needs of your candidate to assess candidates suitability with the missions, values ​​and culture of your company.

MOTIVATION supports you in your annual assessments and professional interviews. It offers a reliable diagnosis of the level of motivation and satisfaction of your employees, to then orient their missions to strengthen both their efficiency and their level of commitment.

A diagnosis of the motivation and satisfaction of your employees makes it possible to prepare courses of action to reduce stress, undesirable behavior at work and improve well-being and commitment.With MOTIVATION analysis you can adapt your well-being policy to the needs of your employees.Our consultants support you in setting up appropriate solutions to optimize the work environment and maintain the satisfaction of your teams.

Strong points

Identification of points of satisfaction in the work.

Control of social desirability.

Analysis 15 dimensions of motivation and satisfaction.

Personal development advice

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