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AVATAR is a personality questionnaire that allows you to better understand the impact of personality types on the behaviour of your employees and your team's dynamics.

This typological test identifies 8 personality types as well as the preferences of individuals such as work style, strengths and assets, challenges faced, sources of motivation, communication style, the ideal environment to perform and additional insight into emotional stability.

AVATAR is a reliable basis for any personal development process as well as for professional support like onboarding processes, internal mobility, team audit, conflict management, leadership development, etc. 

Onboarding - EN
Team cohesion
Career management

Typological tests are widely used for employee onboarding because they highlight an individual's complementarity. AVATAR's report informs you about the working style and preferences of your new recruits in your environment, as well as their strengths and development potential. This will allow you to take into account the similarities and differences in your teams in order to build suitable development paths

AVATAR makes it possible to understand the differences in personality and the style of functioning of each individual. By revealing the communication mode, leadership style, the strengths and the potential of each individual, AVATAR gives you the keys to create highly effective teams, and to allow each one to find their place and to express all the power of their personality.

AVATAR reveals the individual to themselves by focusing on their talents and potentialities, via a report written in a positive and constructive manner.By identifying the working and communication style, the sources of motivation and the ideal environment to learn and develop one's personality, AVATAR equips individuals so that they can better manage their professional lives.

Strong points

Comprehensive personality tool based on the most popular models (MBTI, DISC, Big Five, Jung, HEXACO)

Original and trendy, offers an in-depth insight into the personality type by highlighting behavioural preferences

Built on a scientifically validated model (Cronbach's Alpha coefficient 0.86 and Model Fit (i.e. CFI) of 0.92)

User-friendly report focused on personal development

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