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Target public

Executives, managers, and aspiring managers


English, French, Spanish, German, Dutch, Arabic, Portuguese, and Turkish


114 questions

Time taken

20-25 minutes

Central Test Personality Inventory-R (CTPI-R) is specifically designed to help you evaluate the managerial potential, behavioural competencies, and leadership skills of managers and CEOs. CTPI-R analyses 19 personality traits of good managers to give a complete profile of how your leaders think, act, and react to different situations.

Career and mobility
Development Programmes

CTPI-R facilitates your recruitment process by identifying managers who closely fit your requirements. The Managerial Potential Indicator (with a scale of 0 to 100) enables a quick inference of an individual’s predisposition for a managerial role. Then a management style analysis indicates the project most suitable for the individuals.

CTPI-R assessment helps you prepare a succession plan. You can spot future leaders in your organisation by assessing key personality traits, such as decision-making skills, adaptability, long-term vision, stress tolerance, and ethics.

The assessment helps you to identify existing skills, as well as the gap between the individual’s managerial competencies and the job requirements, thereby defining areas of development.

Strong points

Monitors social desirability

Managerial Potential Indicator

An analysis of thinking and working styles

A comparison with 21 behavioural competencies



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