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Presenting Talent Map: A predictive tool facilitating multi-criteria evaluation

eye 19 Published on 05 Apr. 2016
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Central Test is proud to announce the launch of TALENT MAP a unique tool based on the multi-criteria approach of using psychometric assessments. It allows the interpretation of results of several assessments as a single snapshot of an individual’s potential, providing a finer and predictive analysis of a candidate’s and/or employee’s profile.

The capability and precision of the tool are unique and none of the HR software today can render the same in-depth exploration of assessment results.

TALENT MAP ensures the use of our psychometric assessments to their full potential as it enables an easy cross interpretation of results of multiple assessments. Available under Central Test’s online assessment platform, TALENT MAP requires no additional installations and is equipped to offer analysis with also the first assessment taken. The tool utilises three repositories of skills: 29 general, 28 managerial, and 24 sales competencies that can be targeted according to the candidate’s profile.

TALENT MAP can facilitate various HR processes, from orientation to recruitment, to overall talent management. It can thus serve as an indispensable tool for decision making by rendering objectivity and greater reliability to the analysis of assessment results.

To discover the TALENT MAP, try our assessments.