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The benefits of psychometric assessments for personal development

eye 473 Published on 09 Oct. 2020
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Life balance, well-being, self-confidence, surpassing yourself—personal development encompasses many aspects of personal and professional life.Personal development is a quest towards self-realisation, which requires a comprehensive approach to self-reflection and valuing your potential.
Psychometric tests are powerful personal development tools, and can be crucial for gaining a deeper understanding of yourself and your abilities. They allow you to get to know yourself and what makes you unique, as well as helping you to recognise your potential, understand your aspirations and motivations, and improve your well-being.

At Central Test, personal development is at the heart of our business! Our solutions empower people to realize their full potential.

In our webinar on Wednesday, October 28th at 11:30 am CET ,we cover the following points:

  •  Why should you take an interest in your personal development?
  •  What are some personal development techniques?
  •  What are the benefits of psychometrics for personal development?
  •  How can you use psychometric assessments to develop your potential and improve your well-being?

Maria Pia DONATI- Consultant Psychologist & Recruiter, Central Test, Paris
Victoria GOSLING - Science & Innovation Assistant at Central Test, London

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