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ETIX is a groundbreaking assessment designed to evaluate the likelihood of individuals engaging in counterproductive work behaviour.

A modern tool created to meet the current needs of organisations, it covers six behaviours relevant to today’s work environment, including discrimination, harassment, and lying. By distinguishing between a person’s attitudes towards themselves and other people, ETIX reveals not only if a person might participate in counterproductive work behaviour but also if they might enable it in others.

This assessment empowers organisations to protect themselves from risk, build constructive development programmes, and create a positive company culture.


ETIX gives insight into a candidate’s likelihood of engaging in counterproductive work behaviour, ensuring there is an alignment between your company’s standards and their actions.

Its positively framed reports and non-judgemental questions will put your candidates at ease, enabling a constructive discussion around work ethics in the interview stage.

As of such, it allows organisations to identify and prevent potential risks, reduce turnover, and lower the cost of recruitment.


The non-stigmatising language of ETIX makes it perfect for employee development. It can enable a positive discussion of expectations and behaviour and, since it measures attitudes rather than personality, it can also be used to audit performance over time.

In this way, you can decrease risk and also create an atmosphere of respect for equality and respect for other people. The amount of discrimination, harassment, and bullying in your workplace will fall, while team cohesion will increase. Fostering this positive work environment will help you to retain your best talent.

Target audience: Employees of all levels and students
Questionnaire: 74 questions
Time: 10-12 minutes
Languages: English, French, Spanish, Arabic, Russian, Hindi, and Nepali
Training: Certification and conversion training  


  •  Comparison of attitudes towards self and others
  •  Mirror graphs, which make results understandable at a glance
  •  Positive framework and non-stigmatising language
  •  Social desirability indicator, which reveals the extent to which the test-taker amended their answers to appear to be a “better” person

An individual’s propensity to engage in counterproductive work behaviours is measured by their levels of respect for 6 key dimensions of work ethics:  

  • Respect for Facts and Honesty
  •  Respect for Laws and Procedures
  •  Respect for Goods and Property
  •  Respect for Commitment
  •  Respect for Other People
  •  Respect for Equality

The dimensions are further separated into two facets: attitudes towards self and attitudes towards others.

  •  Global work ethics score
  •  Social desirability indicator
  •  Mirror graph
  •  Definitions and personalised comments

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