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A unique, intuitive and
100% customisable Predictive Model

Make more accurate decisions and reduce the impact of cognitive biases by leveraging insights from psychometric data and AI.

Recruit the best profiles and anticipate future performance!

63 competencies, 12 values and 156 occupations

Discover what makes your candidates unique

The performance of an individual depends on their abilities and potential for growth.

By using a robust, user-friendly, and fully adaptable predictive model, you can uncover the untapped potential of each candidate.
Define your job success criteria and quickly identify individuals who fit them while highlighting their areas for improvement.

This enables you to predict their future performance with greater accuracy and ensure that you have made the best choice for the long term.

Create your own customisable
models in seconds

Jobs are increasingly hybrid and evolving, and Central Test's predictive model allows you to define your criteria for success in a position.

With a database of 1200 business clusters, our predictive algorithm recommends the most relevant skills for the defined criteria with 5 levels of importance. You can go further and adjust these skills according to your needs.

Want to save time? Select our standard referential with 63 skills, 12 values and 156 occupations.

Obtain reliable predictions

Central Test's predictive model is based on a multi-criteria approach and offers a level of analysis that is 4 times more accurate than traditional methods.

Various studies have shown that using a combination of methods can enhance the reliability of predictions as long as the methods are relevant to the targeted criteria.

Thanks to this model, it is possible to weigh an individual's skill mastery with unparalleled precision and estimate their potential for improvement.



Make informed choices!

Define your success criteria

Select the occupation and the function of the job role. Generate your competency model and adjust it to your success criteria for the role.

Choose the assessments

Depending on the needs identified, choose the assessments to be taken, and invite your candidates in one click. Our algorithm calculates a “matching score” between the candidate’s skills and the success criteria for the defined position.

Analyse the job matching

Analyse assessment results directly in the Talent Matcher campaign and identify the candidate's suitability to your criteria.

Start testing!

Request a demo to test the various features of our platform.



Make reliable decisions, based on objective data

A more dynamic assessment

Based on the analysis of competencies that are perfectible and evolving.

Refinement and flexibility

Taking into account the transformation of jobs and the evolution of skills. Enables the adjustment of criteria on 5 levels of importance.

Significant time saving

Significant time saving for decision-makers as the matching analysis is automated, leading to a more efficient selection process.

A multi-criteria approach

A multi-criteria approach that allows refined and predictive analysis of your candidates' potential.

100% customisable

Offers the possibility to define your own models, integrating your own success criteria and adjusting the competencies.

Improved decision making

Through data-driven recommendations, which reduces the impact of cognitive biases.


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