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A flexible and intuitive platform to effectively manage all of your evaluation projects

Predictive Matching

An advanced matching for jobs, skills and corporate values

Video Interview

Pre-recorder video interview for faster candidate’s selection


All your assessment projects monitored safely


Easy integration with all your ATS / TMS software

A tailored approach to boost your employer brand and enrich candidate experience

TALENT MATCHER Enhance the assessment of your candidates
  • Candidate volume: add your candidates individually or import them from a file.
  • Pre-recorded video interview: customise the candidate experience, enhance your recruitment process, assess candidates quickly.
  • Recruitment tests: reliable pre-selection tools to facilitate your decision-making
  • Predictive matching: assessment campaigns to match profiles with the position, skills and values of your company..
Predictive Matching Reveal in real-time the best profiles
  • Customization: Create and personalize your assessment projects according to your criteria in a few clicks.
  • Multi-criteria approach: Choose from a wide variety of assessments for a complete vision of potentials.
  • Profile Matching with 36 skills: Build on a skills-based approach by comparing your candidates to our standard skills referential or create your own.
  • Job matching with 138 jobs: Quickly detect the suitability of profiles with a specific position via the job matching score.
TALENT INSIGHTS REPORT Make objective decisions in just one click!
  • Display the results of all assessments taken in real time for a complete insight of each profile assessed.
  • Visualise the matching of job, competency and values in just one click.
  • Easily customise and generate ergonomic and interactive reports.
  • Get in-depth analysis of behaviors, motivations, aptitudes as well as candidates potential.
  • Save time by preparing your summaries and evaluation reports in a single report.
Webservices Seamless integration with your ATS software
  • Simplicity: facilitate your recruitments and optimize the management of your data.
  • Automation: all your evaluation processes on the same interface.
  • Save time: maximize the processing time of your data and gain performance.

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Advanced features for a seamless assessment experience

Make reliable decisions, based on objective data

Improved decision making

Through data-driven recommendations, which reduces the impact of cognitive biases.

Skills Matching

Find the best profiles compatible with your company culture and values.


Create referentials that fit your requirements. Customize tests reports.

Speed and Simplicity

Access your assessments at any time, via your computer or laptop. Online help is available online 24 hours a day.

User Experience

Use user-friendly applications that can be customized to your image brand

Multi-criteria Campaigns

Combine psychometric tests, skill assessments and video interview to make reliable decisions.