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Measure your candidates’ knowledge and skills of various technologies and save considerable time in the recruitment of IT profiles.
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technical skills
BPS Registration
Central Test has been granted the BPS Certificate of Registration for Professional Profile 2, currently one of the most reliable personality assessment on the market.
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personality test
Talent Map
Discover our predictive tool which allows to cross interpret the results of several assessments by using the same competency framework.
a multi-criteria
evaluation tool
Discover our latest assessment designed to evaluate
work behaviour
a person’s likelihood of committing counterproductive work behaviour.

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Our psychometric assessments are tailored to the level of responsibility required and ensure an objective recruitment process.

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Our assessment tools help you appreciate your employees’ skills, enhance individual talent, and implement customised training.

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Our HR solutions help you assess the strategic skills and values of your company and identify your future leaders today.


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30 Aug 2016

NEW - Assess proficiency in German language

Proficiency in German is a major asset in many sectors of activity, whether for working in Germany or within German companies worldwide.
Central Test has now launched its new German language test.

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