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Target public

Students, young graduates, employees, executives


french and english


90 questions divided into 6 themes

Time taken

20 minutes

The General Knowledge Test is a questionnaire updated once in two years, allowing the evaluation of the level of the general knowledge of a candidate according to 6 main themes: Economy, Science & Environment, History & Politics, Arts, Culture & Sports, Business, Media & Tech and Geography, Civilizations & Intercultural awareness.

Admissions and Competitions

A candidate with good general knowledge will give a better image of the company to the various external players. They will be able to discuss various subjects, give an opinion and express various interests, and significant assets for creating and maintaining business relationships. This tool is recommended for profiles that have a relational dimension with various interlocutors: salespeople, leaders, communicators, trainers, executive assistants, etc.

In Schools and Universities, the selection of students is demanding as there is the desire to welcome quality students with a good level of general knowledge, and a curiosity about the world around them. This test enables one to identify those individuals who are set apart from the general population in their awareness of the world.

Strong points

Questionnaire updated in 2021

Positioning of the candidate in relation to the general population

Overall score out of 20 and a rating out of 10 per factor

Provides solutions to the questions

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